Referral Criteria

Bravestone Centre accepts referrals of women who have been abused in their adult intimate partner relationship(s) and who require ongoing support while they are making the transition away from an abusive relationship while integrating into the community. Women may self-referral or be referred by an agency currently assisting her. Bravestone Centre accepts referrals from women who may or may not have children, however, given limited spots available, those with children are given priority. The admission guidelines are based on assessment of individual and family needs.

The referral application forms can be accessed below.

Bravestone Centre Referral Form
Bravestone Centre Application Form

Some of the factors in prioritizing admissions are:

  • lethality of the situation
  • number of children
  • history of abuse by partner
  • nature of outside supports
  • in need of ongoing support while making the transition from an abusive relationship
  • willing and able to live in designated area
  • willing and able to participate in programming for up to one year
  • willing and able to ensure children’s participation in programming for up to one year
  • does not have a history of violence toward others
  • is not actively suicidal or active suicidal tendencies
  • not currently experiencing psychiatric illness that will impede program participation
  • does not have an active alcohol or drug problems
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