W.I.S.H. Inc becomes Bravestone Centre Inc.

12 Jun 2014

The pursuit of positive change always begins with one thing – a step forward. Inspired by the steps taken by women who have experienced domestic violence to create a better life, the organization that has served them for over twenty-eight years also sought a new beginning.

On June 15, the organization formerly known as WISH Inc. (Women in Second Stage Housing) will unveil its new identity as Bravestone Centre Inc. This evolution comes at a time of a new era of work in this field. In addition to maintaining a strong focus on counselling and support for women and their children, recognition of new needs are being met with innovative strategies. This includes expanded children’s services, development of healthy mother and child relationships, and parenting skills coaching.

“Our new name speaks to the strength and courage of the families we serve. We see this strength everyday, from the women’s initial decision to come to our program through to their graduation day celebrating their year of success and growth. Our new name also speaks to the expanded services we provide to mothers and their children. We truly believe that helping children and youth early prevents the cycle of abuse from further impacting their lives, both in the present as children and lays the foundation for a healthy and thriving adulthood” said Lori Rudniski, Executive Director.

The project, completed by local design house, Waterloo Design House, was supported by Investors Group and The United Way of Winnipeg.

“Bravestone Centre provides a vital service to the community by working with women and their children to stop the cycle of abuse and assist them in living a life free from domestic violence.” said Lee Vandenbroeck, Board Chair.

To view the new brand identity and to learn more about the services offered by Bravestone Centre, please visit our website bravestonecentre.ca. A full public launch event is set to take place in the fall 2014.

Bravestone Centre is a non-profit charitable organization that provides women and their children affected by domestic violence with full-time counselling and support programs while living in the safety of our program. Bravestone Centre is nationally accredited through Imagine Canada. Women and children respectively attend regularly scheduled individual and group therapy and a variety of support programs. Families live on-site in WISH furnished suites. The program premises are fully secured, confidential and camera monitored. Families continue their counselling after graduation through the Follow-up Program as they integrate back into the community.

Contact: Lori Rudniski Executive Director, Bravestone Centre 204-275-2600 info@bravestonecentre.ca 

Phone 204-275-2600 Donate to Bravestone Centre now through CanadaHelps.org.